A Web Based Application for the Philippines SME’s


I recently head an SME project, the VSuites Technology, where we empower small businesses with web based business applications to further grow and expand their businesses. Because I aim to help grow the small and medium scale businesses in the Philippines through affordable web based business applications. Because of this desire, I helped create the VSuites website.

The VSUITES Technology is a business application that is accessible through a web browser. Using a computer connected to the internet, LAN or WAN plus the right username and password, the user can easily access the system remotely anytime and anywhere.

Its sole purpose is to provide a cheaper alternative to expensive investments on IT infrastructures for small and medium scale businesses. It was designed with the small businesses in mind. We feel that business owners should focus more what is important — their BUSINESS.

If you want to know more about the VSuites Technology applications, visit their website at www.vsuites.ph.

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