About Me

Hi, I am Giancarlo. I am a writer, entreprenuer, photographer, graphics artist, motion graphics editor. I have done quite a number of video post production projects too. Currently, I am the traveling photographer of my little pink pig’s travel blog called The Adventures of Spider Pig . I just recently founded my own community based photography studio, Studios Without Borders. After studying and working in New Zealand,  I decided to  came back to the Philippines to help in the technology development of small and medium scale (SME) businesses. I recently headed an SME project, the VSuites Technology, where we empower small businesses with web based business applications to further grow and expand their businesses. Because I aim to help grow the small and medium scale businesses in the Philippines through affordable web based business applications. I also  specializes in helping local businesses build a meaningful online presence.

When not marketing a local business, I enjoy traveling and taking photographs for my travel blog, The Adventures of Spider Pig. I traveled across the Oceanic, South East Asia and Europe. Now, my eyes are set on exploring South America and South Africa.

I hope through this website I am able to share my talent to those who need it. I love creating and designing things. One of my hobbies is developing new ideas for businesses. In most cases, I just archive them in my handy dandy notebook. However, through this website I can just share it here for those who might have use for it. Talent is meant to be shared. Another goal of this site is to provide meaningful downloadable e-books (which I wrote, of course) to those who are looking reference materials on business, photography, health, etc.

Anyway, I do hope you find my website useful. If you have any thing to share, just let me know. Till then.