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Another happy client. Wohoo! Adefuin Design Studio is amazing to work with. They trusted me to develop their ideas into the web. Transitioning from the old website is so easy because they understood the technology that is current and willing to do something different from other Interior Design Studio. Their website is designed to be viewed on mobile devices. As most of their portfolio are images, they need bring any laptops to display their work. An iPad, Android and even an iPhone would be sufficient.

The Adefuin Design Studio is a holistic interior design atelier that guarantees an inspiring atmosphere to end-users based here and abroad. A team of credible and highly skilled designers is dedicated to finding design solutions that best suit the clients’ specific tastes and needs. Ranking 10th in the Philippine Interior Design Board Examination was a fitting start to his career. Instead of letting this get to his head, Jigs knew that for excellence to be reaped, he needed to further his skills. For almost five years, he underwent an extensive training at the Nardy Aquino Interior Design Studio, one of the country’s leading design firms. It was through this experience that he developed his skills in creating and presenting floor plans, perspectives and other working drawings. Up to this day, Jigs’s clients are able to receive hand-drawn renderings of his designs, providing a more intimate and sincere service.

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