Day 1: 50 Dollar Start Up Project


Here is DAY 1 of my 50 dollar Start Up Project.

Step 1. Finding the Passion

The very first thing I did is to find what I love to do. What am I really passionate about. Where I am really good at.  I guess that was not very difficult as I always love to take photographs of people. So I decided to reboot my photography passion and turn it into an income generating business.

Look for something that you really really love to do. It can be baking cupcakes to teaching toddlers to washing cars, etc. What is important is that you love what do! It should be something that will keep you awake at night to jumping out of bed in excitement in the morning.

Step 2. Identify Market

I live in a small village almost near the outskirts of Manila. There are about 300 residents living in the village. I though this could be a perfect place to try out the photography business and test out its feasibility amongst the families, students and residents here.

Look for viable market to test your idea. It could be family, friends, neighbors, co-workers. Ask around. Once you have identified your market, give your idea a go to test and get feedback. Remember the most important thing in this exercise is TO START AND DO!

Step 3. Create the Concept

The concept I envisioned is to do a magazine style photoshoot with the residents of the village. It can be a group shoot or a solo photo. What I like about the idea is surrounding areas of the village is perfect for this idea. The natural lighting gives it a soft look on the face so I think it is perfect.

Be creative with your product or service. Once you get feedback from your market, develop the concept of the product and service you want to share to other people.

Step 4.  50 Dollar or 2000 Pesos Cost

I have a budget of 2000 pesos or 50 dollars to get this project running. I have identified some marketing materials I would need including the labor cost. I will give you a break down of the exact expense in my following posts.

For many, this is pretty easy start up cost. If we pull it off, I guess we can prove that you dont need much money to make more money. Only 50 dollars will do.

Keep posted tomorrow for my Day 2 of the 50 Dollar Startup Project.

Remember what is important is to find what you love to do and just do it!

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Giancarlo G.
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6 Comments on "Day 1: 50 Dollar Start Up Project"

  1. Emem Ofarim says:

    Sounds Interesting. :)

  2. ana says:

    gian..has this been updated..your website that is and this blog on USD50 start-up business…like my passion is writing…i would want to see if i can work and stat a business on that

    • Giancarlo G. says:

      Hi Ms. Ana, I have not updated the site because I shifted to my travel community site for now called, Tara Let’s Go! Asia. However, I still help people start their online business. If you are interested, let me know I can help you out. The 50 Dollar Startup was a test project I did for people who want to start an online business with just 50 Dollars or 2,500 pesos. So far, it worked for some. You just need to be diligent and focused. Let me know what you would like to do. Cheers!

      • ana says:

        well..i can do editing jobs, research works, designing PPT presentations, anything that involves writing…at home and during weekends…how do i start promoting that? given that i also work on weekdays…

        hope you can share some pointers..thanks..

        • Giancarlo G. says:

          Sure thing. There are several options for you. For some freelance work you can sign up on the following website to offer your expertise – Elance, Freelancer and ODesk. Although, it is a tough market to look for clients but it can also be rewarding. Some people I have met opted for becoming Virtual Assistants, people who will take care of work or personal needs in the cyberspace. But the best way to promote yourself is starting with the people you know and the businesses within your vicinity. I can discuss more in detail when we meet so you can begin your own journey to freedom. Hehe ^_^