Day 2: 50 Dollar Startup Project

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Today, I was busy design the marketing material for the 50 Dollar StartUp Project.

Yesterday, I mentioned the first steps in executing and implementing the 50 Dollar Startup Project. Just to recap, I selected one of my favorite activities – Photography. I decided to go back to my photography hobby/passion. So, I conceptualized this idea called “XMAS FUN GLAM Photoshoot”.

I narrowed down the target market to friends and neighbors. What a better to get to know the people I live with in the area.

The idea is to do a simple portrait/fashion shoot in the village where I live. I want to know if the flyer  I made  will work. See below the full size image of the flyer I created. Not sure if it attracts attention to the shoot but I am sure attracted to the girl in the photo. Haha!

So what do you guys think?



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2 Comments on "Day 2: 50 Dollar Startup Project"

  1. ana says:

    php900 is for how many shots, what size and did you develop the photos?

    • Giancarlo G. says:

      Hi Ms. Ana, for this project. I was able to generate around 6,000 pesos in one week just doing what I love – taking photographs. I did 2 pegs, that is 2 different themed outfit. No size limit. I just digital copies to their email and they posted on their facebook as their profile pictures. ^_^