Day 3 & 4: The 50 Dollar Startup Project


The 50 Dollar Startup Marketing

Today, let us talk about Marketing. We have already discussed:

  1. Our Passion
  2. The concept we want to do
  3. We’ve identified our target market
  4. We know our budget, i.e. 50 Dollars or Php 2000

Now, the question is “How Do We Let Other People Know About Product or Service?”

Good question.

Now, let us talk about sharing your product or service to others.

It is important to make your product information available through as many channels as possible. Today, the range of potential placements has increased a great deal thanks to the advances in communications. Give your potential buyers many possible places to find out more about your information including in the following ways:

  • Promote your product through representatives, dealers, salesmen, radio, TV, word-of-mouth by customers, mail and email (in various forms), distribution at trade shows, seminars, telephone, fax, computer networks, product packaging, airline magazines, retail storefronts, space ads, and the Internet. And consider the worth of product placement in movies, sports games, and other big events that are televised.
  • Use social media. This is now a very important part of getting products out into the broader, global marketplace. Places Facebook and Pinterest can be great launching pads for your product.
  • Use local community events. Donating your product to a local school gala for auctioning to raise school funds can be a great way to get your product known, as well as getting the goodwill from the community who recognizes your generosity.

As for me, I chose to make:

  1. Flyers
  2. Social media via facebook which cost me around Php 210 pesos to advertise for 3 days. See picture below. I think it is a good way to let people know but there are more effective ways to share your product.
  3. My website via

How about you, what did you do?

Let me know.

Till the next post.



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