First Email Marketing Online Service in the Philippines.

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I am very proud to announce the launch of Beyond the Inbox Asia, the coolest email service in the Philippines. Beyond the Inbox Asia is an email marketing solution catered to businesses looking for simple and easy creation of email designs that is equipped with powerful analytics.

Now, you can accurately measure the success of each of your email blast and forecast your return on investment. Why is analytics so important? It measures the effectivity of your email campaigns from A/B split testing to the numbers of shares in Facebook and Twitter.

At Beyond the Inbox Asia, they have all but one goal – to provide a tool that will help you drive your passion for your customers to the next level.

After months of hard work, it had a soft launched last May 20, 2012. To date, the website ranks in the first page of the google search engine. Its twitter followers has more than 3500 followers. I expect great things from this company.

Congratulation to Beyond the Inbox Asia!

Giancarlo G.
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  1. Giancarlo G. says:

    wohoo! 2nd online freedom business!