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It has been a great pleasure to work with US based who is promoting and educating people that we can have a part time business while being employed, shopping but get paid to shop, and living a healthy lifestyle. Shop More and Save More is the latest trend in online shopping and online business. Who would not want to earn money from shopping. We do that everyday. Why can’t we get paid for buying groceries, office supplies, clothes, and other services. Shop More and Save More is really trendsetter in the online business.

According to the owner, Joseph, we need to “wake up and get out of the 45 Year Plan“.

What is the 45 Year Plan? The 45 Year Plan is a system set in place for us that states we will work until we are 65 years old then we can get our retirement and live our life. Why work 45 Years? Why wait until you are 65 years old before you can live your life. Majority of the people is in it without even knowing they are. There is a way out and it is called entrepreneurship. Don’t be a conformist, become a business owner! He can teach you how to become a business owner but first take a look at the following videos. If you really want to change your life then please contact him and he would be willing to help you. His goal is to share this opportunity to as many people that I can. He is currently partnered with several entrepreneurs and they are all working together for our financial success. They are positive, motivated and goal-oriented and they will help you become successful and financially free.

So, go ahead and the check them out and start shopping online! Visit them at

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2 Comments on "Getting Paid To Shop: Shop More and Save More"

  1. benzur says:

    good morning sir,i am benzur c biaculo,,im just asking if you need even under grad,,thank you

    • Giancarlo G. says:

      HI Benzur, thank you for getting in touch. What do you mean if I need under grad? If you are talking about work, first advise I can give you is find your passion, then look for problems that people are trying to solve and then provide that service to them. If you managed to do even though you are an under graduate, you just discovered the formula to realizing your dreams!