Happy 2013!!!


To all my readers! I wish to greet you all the HAPPIEST AND BOUNTIFUL NEW YEAR!!!

Traditionally in the Philippines, New Year is celebrated by preparing a basket of 12 fruits. This signifies a thanksgiving to God for the bountiful harvest for the coming 12 months in the year. In this New Year of 2013, I pray and wish to my dear loved ones and dear friends that in the coming 12 months of bountiful harvest, EACH MONTH may bring you – LOVE, HAPPINESS, PASSION, ADVENTURE, TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, DISCOVERY, FORGIVENESS, UNITY, FRIENDSHIP, PEACE, and LOTS OF MONEY! Haha! May the winds be on your back, the sun upon your face and the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars in this bright New Year! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!

Giancarlo G.
Roaming Entrepreneur, Travel Writer, Upcoming #1 Best Selling Author, Creative Designer, Travel Photographer, Extreme Sports Fanatic, Travels with a Little Pig, Goal Oriented and 100% Coffee Addict!

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