Happy New Year 2012


Happy 2012 to everyone! This year 2012 holds a lot of exciting projects and happenings for me. During 2011, I learned a lot of things from time management, people management, prioritizing, being focused, listening, and, most of all, being grateful for the all the things I have received both good and bad. 2011 made me a better person, I think. However, I have so much more to learn and understand. This year my plans are to reboot my photography project, Studios Without Borders and to start my online email marketing company. I think this is going to be exciting. I hope to learn and improve in my skills in photography and to help small businesses in increasing their online presence. I also have a couple travel plans. There is still so much to see in this world. My eyes are set on going to Korea, Japan and South America – to enjoy a bit of a mini retirement. This all depends on the quality of work I do this year and the projects I will be able to accomplish.

For 2012, I wish the best for everyone and praying that 2012 will bring lots of blessings and exciting adventures. Yehey for 2012!!! A new year, a new fight!

Giancarlo G.
Roaming Entrepreneur, Travel Writer, Upcoming #1 Best Selling Author, Creative Designer, Travel Photographer, Extreme Sports Fanatic, Travels with a Little Pig, Goal Oriented and 100% Coffee Addict!

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