I Heart Matilda: Online Fashion Takes the Philippines


I am very happy to have worked on this web project, www.iheartmatilda.com. I have always a proponent of e-commerce in the Philippines. There is so much potential and their reach is astounding. Doing projects like these for start up companies who envision their products to be viewed and bought in the world wide web, excites me.

I Heart Matilda is a fashion store located in Manila, Philippines. They specialize on the vintage, classy and trendy fashion. Now, Filipinas fashionistas can enjoy beautiful clothes at bargain prices. They believe that fashion need not be expensive and being trendy is priceless.

I wish I Heart Matilda all the luck in their online business. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of your business. You can visit I Heart Matilda Clothing by following this link – www.iheartmatilda.com and discover the Matilda in you.

Giancarlo G.
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3 Comments on "I Heart Matilda: Online Fashion Takes the Philippines"

  1. Giancarlo G. says:

    My second online store! Awesome!

  2. Thanks Giancarlo for also working with us on this project and website! It has been an easy experience for our customer and a great upgrade from our old site. Wish you all the best for 2012.

    • Giancarlo G. says:

      Thanks a lot Jameson! Glad to be of help! I wish you the best as well in your online endeavor!