Newest Project: Optima Wellness


For the past months, I have been getting a lot of inquiries to help business owners set up their online web presence. Today, I was lucky enough to be working with Optima Wellness. It is a wellness company that promotes health supplements to people who are looking for better ways in improving their health. Personally, I could relate to this. I grew up believing more in alternative medicines or supplements than taking drugs or pills. I never did like the feeling of taking something not natural.

Anyway, I was introduced to Ms. Judy and Mr. Noel  who manages the company. The first meeting with them was surely fun and educational. I learned about the kind of company they wanted to project. The marketing strategy they wished to employ and also the uniqueness of their wellness lifestyle. It was not difficult to talk to them about how to maximize their online presence since they were so open to many of my ideas.

They are planning to shift their website into an online store. I will be helping them out in the process. Although, they will only feature few of their products, they wanted to sell their services as well. One of the unique feature in their website is the Book an Appointment for their services. I have never seen an online store with this kind of arrangement, I guess this is the first time we will have one in the Metro Manila.

I am excited to start working on the project. I am happy to see that Philippine SME’s are slowly moving towards the online business. The traditional concept of retail stores are now being challenged by online stores that provide the same service to customers. Now, I do hope that Optima Wellness will be happy with the result. I will keep you guys posted on the progress of the project.

Till then, have a grateful day!

Giancarlo G.
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