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Why Small Businesses Need Websites

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If you want more customers,  a website provides a great opportunity to expand your business. 

My experience provided me with some insights on the value and importance of a business having a website for your small business. What a great way to be able to communicate important information to your customers.  It’s like a silent partner, providing an easy way for your customers to learn about you and your business. Continue reading →

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?


Building a mobile-friendly site becomes more of a priority for your business. Over the past two years alone, mobile search traffic has increased five-fold. Customers are searching for your business from their mobile phones, and you need to engage them with a mobile experience designed for completing on-the-go tasks from their small screens.

What is responsive design? It is a website design technique that allows you to create a single website that will adapt to the device on which it’s being viewed, whether it’s a laptop, smartphone or tablet. A site built with responsive design will automatically resize for different devices, but it is up to you to prioritize the content that matters most to the mobile user. Continue reading →

Video Testimonials: The Key to Generating Customer Trust


Video Testimonials: Why They’re Key to Generating Customer Enthusiasm and Trust

As the internet has become a far more social place in recent years, the power of textual testimonials has been greatly diminished. Not only do these testimonials fail to bring new customers into the fold as regularly as they used to, but they lack the ability to go truly viral and turn into their own form of self-perpetuating marketing. With hundreds of millions of users signed up for services like Facebook and Twitter, it is now more important than ever to ensure that every aspect of a website can go viral in some manner, from product description websites and customer profile pages to the testimonials that help to the sell the product in the first place. Engaging users with video testimonials instead of text has a number of great benefits for website owners, repeat visits and increased sales among them. Continue reading →