The Adventures of Spider Pig


If there is one website that I created that I really love it is the website for “The Adventures Of Spider Pig”. “Who is Spider Pig“, you ask? Here is a short bio:

Hi my name is Spider Pig. *oink**oink* And this is my travel blog. I began my quest to discover the world last May 2009. Reading a blog of traveling pig may seem unusual but you will get used to it. I began my travel and blogging last 2009 in the Land of the Long White Cloud — New Zealand. *oink**oink* After discovering the wonderful Kiwis and the Maori’s, I thought to myself that there must be more out there to discover, to learn and to share.

I have already travel from the New Zealand to Fiji to the amazing eastern culture of Asia. And I am still continuing my love for travel.  Who knows? Maybe one day my little pink feet might cross paths with you. And hopefully, you will tell me YOUR STORY and what makes you special in this world. *Oinktastic!*

Now, who would not be inspired by that! Talk about an adventurous pig! You can check out Spider Pigs latest travels at

Giancarlo G.
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