The World’s Leading Anti-Virus Software: ESET


The worlds fastest, most effective security suite is now available in the Philippines. ESET has extended its reach to the Philippines by linking with Valueline Systems and Solutions Corporation. Now, everyone in the Philippines can be assured that their internet world is protected by ESET Philippines.

Implementing the ESET Philippines website was one of the hardest tasks to accomplish as the amount of product that it carries are varied and a lot. However, I managed to localize the style and content using the Philippine flag as its distinguishing mark from other ESET distributors across Asia. It was tough but well worth it. I learned a lot while creating and redesigning the site. I have grown to be a fan of ESET. Heck, I even use for my Macbook Pro. Yes, they have ESET for Mac’s now. It is called ESET Cybersecurity. And their tagline: Something safe has become even safer. Cool.

I guess the next project now is the ESET Philippines Online Store.

If you want to know more about ESET Philippines, go check out their website at

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  1. Giancarlo G. says:

    Go ESET Philippines!