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Fashion is defined as a prevailing style or a popular trend, which means, YES you guessed it, it goes out of style.  In the fashion world, there is an “in” thing and a thing of the past; what’s constant is how different looks, old or new, are spiced up by something timeless: accessories. Introducing another online store proudly brewed by Brewing Ideas.  

Working with Toni and Berne is certainly  inspiring since they drove their passion into something that complement fashion for women. The passion of making jewelry for their friends and family is brought into a whole new level. The inspiring thing about Toni and Berne is that they are doing this jewelry business as if they were just playing a serious game – having lots of fun and serious about it at the same time.  Here is an excerpt from their website:

From ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome to the modern world, accessories such as necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets, among others, have found their way into women’s wardrobes and kikay kits.

TONI & BERNE is a collaboration between two sisters whose love for (and addiction to) blings, matte and shimmering, boho and chic, stud or dangling, led them to put up a business where women can get style and substance and absolute value for money.

This passion motivated them to create their own statement pieces.  They brought together their distinctstyles and creativity to produce a unique collection that emanates a refined and exquisite taste for jewellery designs.

TONI & BERNE is a one-stop-shop for things classic and hip, feminine and androgynous, dark and whimsical!  Whatever style a woman is sporting, she would definitely find a fashion thingie that fits her just right.  Indeed, TONI & BERNE offers a diverse collection of fashion accessories, costume jewelleries, and trendy complements designed to fit every woman’s unique sense of fashion.

Please take time to visit their awesome online store at You would surely want to own some of their design jewelries.

Thank you Toni and Berne for trusting me with your online business and bringing it to a whole new level. May you guys be blessed with more business and happiness. Cheers!

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