Video Testimonials: The Key to Generating Customer Trust


Video Testimonials: Why They’re Key to Generating Customer Enthusiasm and Trust

As the internet has become a far more social place in recent years, the power of textual testimonials has been greatly diminished. Not only do these testimonials fail to bring new customers into the fold as regularly as they used to, but they lack the ability to go truly viral and turn into their own form of self-perpetuating marketing. With hundreds of millions of users signed up for services like Facebook and Twitter, it is now more important than ever to ensure that every aspect of a website can go viral in some manner, from product description websites and customer profile pages to the testimonials that help to the sell the product in the first place. Engaging users with video testimonials instead of text has a number of great benefits for website owners, repeat visits and increased sales among them.

Emotional Connection = Trust

Videos, Like the Sales Process Itself, Involve an Emotional Connection.  In an era before the internet went completely social, text might have been a great way to establish an emotional and authoritative connection with interested buyers online. And, though this is still possible, it’s increasingly rare and too much of a gamble for most sites to pursue. Videos or video testimonials, on the other hand, are almost inherently emotional from the first second that they start playing. While the average internet user won’t identify with someone’s “voice” in the prose that they write for a testimonial, they will feel instantly connected to someone who simply sits down at a computer and has a visual conversion with them. This type of emotional connection makes the buyer feel comfortable and well-informed, and it begins the development of emotions like trust and loyalty that can lead to increased revenues and return visits for the website itself.

Peers Build Trust and Influence Through Video

The perception of a printed, textual testimonial by most consumers is that anyone could have written it. They have no way of knowing where the text came from, nor do they have any way of connecting with the person who’s telling them about the high quality of a product that they might decide to buy. Video testimonials are a completely different way of getting this point across, and they do it much more effectively. First and foremost, consumers like proof, and videos are proof. A video testimonial clearly displays someone on-screen, talking about the product, describing their experience, and perhaps even holding or using the product. These video testimonials, when used correctly, can show the customer proving their point about a website live, on camera, eliminating all doubts. That builds trust.

Influence comes from trust and emotional connections, and that’s exactly what happens when a video testimonial is included on a website. People are more likely to listen to recommendations made by someone they can see, hear, and even identify with. That person almost instantly becomes a peer, or “just like me,” and it lends itself toward strong conversion of visitors into buyers.

Videos are Inherently Viral, and Viral Companies are Inherently More Successful

When a video testimonials is uploaded to the internet via YouTube or another popular sharing site, it immediately gains the potential to go viral and promote a company’s message without very much intervention or effort on the company’s behalf. In addition to users viewing the video on YouTube and recommending it to friends there, the clip can be shared via a tweet on Twitter or via a Facebook status update. That sharing of the video testimonials isn’t just a way for viewers to say “watch this,” but it’s actually a way for them to say “I recommend this”.   People only share things to their social media profiles that they identify with, use, want to use, or think their friends should use. They can’t share that kind of information with a textual testimonial, but a video testimonial version of the same information will quickly find itself on multiple social media networks.

What’s more, customers who share a video testimonial are taking the place of the company’s own authoritative voice. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the company doing its own bidding and creating its own promotional materials, but allowing users to share the company’s testimonials with friends makes the approach more personable and approachable. Those friends are then instantly connected to the brand in a deeper way than the average company advertisement could ever achieve.

How to Make the Viral Video Testimonial a Reality?  Watch out for my next post to get juicy details on how to do video testimonials.

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