VSSC Distribution Incorporated


Life gives many possibilities, and it is up to us to make these possibilities into realities. You just need a perfect formula to make the dreams into a reality. Many people may then ask, what is the formula? And we tell you. Life is the combination of Faith in God, timing, and pacing.

Six years ago, we have dreamt of making VSSC global. When we say global, it means huge, monumental, supernova, or something that is out of bounds than the norm will suggest. Now, we are turning VSSCDI into a global brand, something that can be head to head with the giants in the IT world.

These are the words of the President of VSSC Distribution, Inc. One of their goal is to be the Philippines No.1 Security and Compliance Solutions Provider. A tall order but I think they can get it done.

If you want to know more about VSSC and their products and application, please visit their website at www.vsscdi.com.

Giancarlo G.
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