Where is Phineas?


I had the great opportunity to help in developing the Phineas Phrog Productions website. Sarah, the owner of the business, got in touch with me to help them in re-designing their website. It was a collaborative effort with Alatus Media where I helped  as business consultant and creative artist.

Phineas Phrog Productions is a vibrant company that specialises in family entertainment. It delighst in creating colourful characters and stories guaranteed to put a smile on faces from 1 year to 101 years.  It began life in 2002 with its highly popular production of the “Frog Prince” at the Bruce Mason Centre, and 2009 marks its 25th production there!  Owned and operated by Sarah Somerville, Phineas Phrog employs a team of professional actors and creatives who bring their expertise and enthusiasm to our wide variety of projects.

I was a witness to one of the shows of Phineas Phrog and I was completely floored by their outstanding performance. It brings back many childhood memories! If you want to know who is Phineas, please check out their website at www.phineasphrog.com.

Giancarlo G.
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