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Day 3 & 4: The 50 Dollar Startup Project


The 50 Dollar Startup Marketing

Today, let us talk about Marketing. We have already discussed:

  1. Our Passion
  2. The concept we want to do
  3. We’ve identified our target market
  4. We know our budget, i.e. 50 Dollars or Php 2000

Now, the question is “How Do We Let Other People Know About Product or Service?” Continue reading →

Day 2: 50 Dollar Startup Project

Xmas Glam Shoot_blog

Today, I was busy design the marketing material for the 50 Dollar StartUp Project.

Yesterday, I mentioned the first steps in executing and implementing the 50 Dollar Startup Project. Just to recap, I selected one of my favorite activities – Photography. I decided to go back to my photography hobby/passion. So, I conceptualized this idea called “XMAS FUN GLAM Photoshoot”. Continue reading →

Day 1: 50 Dollar Start Up Project


Here is DAY 1 of my 50 dollar Start Up Project.

Step 1. Finding the Passion

The very first thing I did is to find what I love to do. What am I really passionate about. Where I am really good at.  I guess that was not very difficult as I always love to take photographs of people. So I decided to reboot my photography passion and turn it into an income generating business.

Look for something that you really really love to do. It can be baking cupcakes to teaching toddlers to washing cars, etc. What is important is that you love what do! It should be something that will keep you awake at night to jumping out of bed in excitement in the morning. Continue reading →