Why Small Businesses Need Websites

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If you want more customers,  a website provides a great opportunity to expand your business. 

My experience provided me with some insights on the value and importance of a business having a website for your small business. What a great way to be able to communicate important information to your customers.  It’s like a silent partner, providing an easy way for your customers to learn about you and your business.


In this age of computerized everything and the constant digital noises which ring on in perpetuity, many who miss the old way of doing things have said “stop.” They don’t want to participate, they don’t want to be bothered; they like the old way of life better; a simpler time. And, they say, “what need do I have for this? Why should I be forced to dance this dance if I don’t want to?”

And that has been the final word; many in the ultra-small business community who work only on a hyper-local scale have eschewed this necessity. They have opted out of the technological age as much as they possibly can. Still there is every reason in the world why small businesses should have a website. Here are 4 of the biggest reasons why even your very small business should consider joining the parade and getting a website.

  • Information: People go to their computers or their smartphones for their information; now more than ever. Why would someone want to pull a dated medical encyclopedia off the shelf when they could just as easily look up the latest information about that particular term on any of the leading online medical journals or websites? The same is true of your business; whether you are a landscaping company, coffee shop, roofer, painter, physical therapist or what have you; if people aren’t able to find you, they are eventually going to stop calling you. Word of mouth is only good for so long; you need a website so that people can learn about your business and avail themselves of your services.
  • Connection: Some view the Internet as isolating but the online experience has actually become a very sociable place. Even if you don’t have a website you can have a business page on social media sites where people can learn about your business, talk about your business, check in at your business, and post of their successes and failures with your product or service. You’re never going to learn about your business and really connect with your customers without a website.
  • If You Don’t Do It Yourself: The old saying holds true for the technology age; if you don’t build a website yourself, someone else will for you. Whether it’s a social media page hoping you join the online world, another business of the same name taking your web address, or someone who hates your business telling the world about it (remember one of the first web addresses like this which talked about their feelings for a popular coffee chain?) someone else is going to capture your online identity if you don’t do it first.
  • Remaining Discoverable: GPS, social media, and search all can’t know where you are unless you have some kind of a definitive web presence. Having your name and your businesses name, address, hours, phone number, and all the other pertinent information online will make you markedly more discoverable; another reason why small businesses should have a website.

If you have all the customers you can handle and all the referrals for all the business you want all the time, then maybe you don’t need to have a website. If you’re going to retire in the next year or so, this may also be true. However if longevity is still in your horizon or you are able to squeeze in one last customer today then your company is proof positive why small businesses should have a website. No matter how small and insignificant you believe your business to be having even the simplest web address can benefit your business significantly.

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